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Birds We Have

Cats and Birds are fun too !

Birds are Fun !
They dance and sing and make you laugh .Some can talk and some whistle .Birds imitate what they see done ,so if you are playing with wood or other toys ,they want to play along .
They love to eat vegetables and fruit along with their Bird food diet .
So everyday we try to give them ,green peas ,potatoes ,corn ,brocoli,spinach and other vegetables .We also give them apples and bananas and other fruits .
Here are pictures of some of our birds .


These birds are called 'love birds'
They are small green and orange birds with blue and other colors in the tails .
They love to be petted .

The 2 birds below are Conures .They are medium to small birds that are very human friendly if gotten when young .They love to talk and learn very easy .
They can also be VERY loud ,so make sure they learn that quiet time is a good time .



The two birds above are cockatiels .Cockatiels can learn to talk easy .Mine can say 'good morning ', 'hello' and can also mimic a bob white and a whipperwill call .
They are very sweet birds ,but you have to be careful too cause birds can bite hard .

Below is Wilson the Cockatoo .She is a very big bird .She sings 'Jesus loves the little birds ' She can count ,she talks to us and yells ALOT ! Cockatoos want alot of attention from people ,so if you get a cockatoo ,be prepared to show alot of care to them .


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A Place for kids to read about Maltepoos/Maltipoos and learn about animals
All stories and pictures are property of Shirley Kitelinger ,Denise Barner and Sheree Cosgrove and cannot be used for any purpose unless we give written permission .Please note ,do not distribute any content on these pages withour our permission .



Call us at 256-776-7422 for info on Available Maltipoo Puppies to have as  your own


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