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Tips on Raising and Training Pets

On this page I'll share information I've gained from experience with my own pets.

Tip 1: Reward and Praise

Training a dog or other animal isn't that different from raising a child: you have to communicate, and you have to offer lots of praise. It doesn't hurt to always be ready with a small piece of your pet's favorite treat, either.

Tip 2: Feeding Fish

Feed fish three times a day, adding only as much food as the fish can eat in a few minutes. Don't overfeed fish! You won't necessarily hurt the fish, but you will diminish the water quality of the tank.

Here I'll list the tips to make this page easier to scan.

Tip 1: Reward and Praise
Tip 2: Feeding Fish

I'll update this page frequently so check back often!

A Place for kids to read about Maltepoos/Maltipoos and learn about animals
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